The Final Piece To Improving Is Hidden In The Mindset



  • "Stop thinking so much and just play!"
  • "You need to be more aggressive!"
  • "You need to be more of a leader!"
  • "Just go do it!"
  • "You need to control your emotions!"


This is a virtual or in person program. The program begins with identifying what goals the individual or team has. A full assessment is taken that will provide information regarding mental skills, communication style, learning preferences, competitive nature, leadership characteristics, personality and level of confidence.  Post assessment, A diagnosis of the main things preventing the individual or team from achieving their goals is completed.


  • Awareness of the way that others see your on-court actions/demeanor (without even asking them).
  • Ways to be more effective on the court (specific to You).
  • Personalized insights to help YOU be more dynamic in your own way!
  • Ways to help create the ideal environment within the team for yourself.
  • Expert communication strategies for advanced comprehension with your teammates and coaches to embrace or avoid.


The better question is how much does it cost if you DON'T reach your goals? How much effort, time spent and emotion is washed away after things don't work out when you were only an inquiry away from receiving the help you needed.

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"Reggie's work with us was really beneficial to me personally because it gave me the tools to help recognize when I was overthinking as well as how not to be so hard on myself. I think it helped the team understand one another better and improved our chemistry."

*2023 Womens College Conference Player of the Year

"Your talk with my daughter turned her swimming season around."

Parent of State Champion Swimmer/D1 Big East Swimmer


Xavier Tillman, NBA Memphis Grizzlies

"I've been overthinking but since talking to my guy Reggie Butler he's been talking to me a lot about just keeping it plain and simple"

Carrington Valentine

"Working with Reggie helped me stimulate my mind and see the bigger picture of things. It also helped me dig deeper into my thoughts and why I did certain things over the other. I learned how to unlock different mentalities that I didn't have at first. Those helped me perform at a higher level."

Parent of D1 Big-10 Player

My son went thru a period of time where he struggled with his confidence in basketball. After being highly recruited, he started to second guess if he was good enough and overthink everything which slowed down and negatively affected his game. Reggie was able to work with him during several online session, identifying unique personality traits and natural strengths and teaching him how to apply those to get the most out of this game. His confidence is back and he is back to playing more relaxed and at a high level again. We are very thankful for Reggie and his program"