Transformational Speaker, Author, Motivator

Reggie Butler is a former professional athlete turned hotel sales guru who during his teenage years, overcame extreme levels of procrastination, mediocrity, and disinterest in the classroom to graduate from high school and college. The story of Reggie’s incredible journey is laid out in detail in his bestselling high demand book “2.0 to PRO The Students Guide to Raise Up and Slam Dunk Life.”

 Now a highly requested speaker, workshop facilitator, and student success enthusiast, Reggie has helped thousands of students around the country develop practical and effective ways to SHOW UP AS THE BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES.

Standing six feet-nine inches tall Reggie commands the attention of the room but ensures students overcome mental fatigue, burnout, procrastination, comparison anxiety, mediocrity, and lack of confidence. Book Reggie now for your next assembly, ceremony, or school event to help your students go from where they are to where they dream to be.


Student Assemblies, Keynote Presentations, Student Orientations, Virtual Presentations, Professional Development, Graduations

Signature Topics:

Show Up as The Best Version of Yourself, Your Decisions Will Take You to Greatness, Be Involved, Increasing Your Mental Endurance Prevents Burnout, Confidence.

“Reggie showed our students what Mental Endurance really looks like from start to finish. It honestly kept the year from falling apart as so many were at their breaking point or had just given into barely getting by.” 

M.Turner, Dean of Students.

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